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What Everybody Should Know... About How To Run A Smarter And A More Profitable Business

Proven Advice To Run A Smarter And More Profitable Business -- By An Expert 


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Here are 16 Ways to Run that Smart & Profitable Business



WAY # 1              Answer THESE 15 Important Questions

WAY # 2              Set up QuickBooks Pro® Properly

WAY # 3              Utilize all areas of QuickBooks® Consistently

WAY # 4            Employ On-line Banking

WAY # 5            E-mail Everything Possible

WAY # 6            Accept Credit Card Payments

WAY # 7              Use Keyboard Short Cuts

WAY # 8              Utilize the Backup Feature DAILY

WAY # 9              Utilize an ASP (Application Service Provider)

WAY # 10            Utilize, Review, and Understand Your 5 Daily Reports

WAY # 11            Utilize the download capability for your Business Credit Cards

WAY # 12            Do Not let your file size get too large

WAY # 13            Utilize Automatic features

WAY # 14            Follow up with Your Clients OFTEN

WAY # 15            Use a Voucher Style Check

WAY # 16            Enjoy Life as a Business Owner

Plus a Bonus Chapter – One Hour Bookkeeping


OK there it is – 16 WAYS on How to Run a Smarter and More Profitable Business.

I wanted to get the points across so I did not put them in any particular order of importance, except for the first one.  That’s it.  That’s all there is to it.  It’s that easy, really.  But I’m betting that if I stopped right here it would not be OK with you.  I just bet you’d want to know more.  OK then, keep reading.  I will explain more, much more.


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What Everybody Should Know... About How To Run A Smarter And A More Profitable Business

First Let me ask you this.





As a bookkeeper and small business consultant with over 25 years experience, I find many small business clients are in similar situations.  Some of my clients may be working for someone else and want to learn how to do their job better.  But for the most part, my clients are the ones who are chasing the American dream - Entrepreneurship.  Nevertheless, they all share something in common.  It seems they have trouble getting all the pieces of the business puzzle to fit together.  They want to have a growing, thriving business and a home and personal life too.  Is that asking too much?  I don’t think so.  So I hope by sharing these 16 Ways to Run that Smart & Profitable Business I can encourage you to succeed towards your dream.



Does your business sound

LIKE ANY ONE  of these !  Now be Honest




1.     You’re in business for yourself.  You are a one-person show. You are doing it all – marketing, selling, banking, traveling, providing services and products to, and consulting with, customers, handling refunds, answering the phone, the bookkeeping and making coffee.  That’s a lot of jobs for one person. 

2.     You’re in business for yourself.  You have several employees.  You’re still doing a lot of the various tasks.  Your employees are receiving shipments, fulfilling orders, but you are still invoicing clients, handling complaints, marketing, selling, receiving payments, banking, answering the phone and bookkeeping.  That’s still a lot of jobs.

3.     You’re in business for yourself.  You are a one-person show.  You have a product that is hot and your current clients are giving you lots and lots of new referral customers.  The work you do requires concentrated personal attention.  You have meetings with them to collect information.  You have phone calls and e-mails that must be returned in order to collect more information from them.  Yet, you are still trying to sell, market, do the banking, answer the phone calls that are not from your current customers (because if you don’t answer you might lose a new client), handle complaints, and do the bookkeeping.  And you are still making coffee?  WOW, how do you find the time?

4.     You’re in business for yourself.  You have employees to handle the phone calls, office clerical work such as reception and filing, but you are still consulting with clients as well as doing the marketing, selling, banking, handling of complaints, handling problems as they crop up and the bookkeeping. 

5.     You’re in business for yourself.  You are so busy dealing with clients, answering the phone, marketing and selling that you don’t have time to do proper banking or record keeping.  You haven’t done your taxes in several years.  Your spouse hasn’t seen much of you since you went into business for yourself and now wants a divorce.  But, but, but  you stammer….”.I haven’t done the bookkeeping in order to do the taxes, in order to give the accounting to the divorce attorneys’.”  Now What?

6.     You’re in business for yourself.  You are one of those people who don’t keep receipts.  You just figure that once you have purchased something, you don’t need those receipts any longer so you just throw everything away.  When you pay bills, you throw the paperwork away.  You might open your bank statements and check the cleared items but normally not.  Maybe, just to see if there is anything out of the ordinary and then throw the bank statements away too.  You rely on your memory or that of an associate to answer questions that come up - sometimes years later.

7.     You’re in business for yourself.  Have been for about 6 years now.  You have several employees covering reception, office clerical, selling, and warehousing.  You even have a bookkeeper using QuickBooks® but you have an uneasy gut feeling your numbers are not quite right.  When you last looked at a report, (when was that anyway?) you saw $1.5M in accounts receivable.  WOW!!  You saw large negative amounts for all your credit cards.  WHAT’S THAT ALL ABOUT?  You saw over $1.25 million in your Undeposited Funds account.  WHAT’S THIS ACCOUNT AND WHY IS THERE ALL THIS MONEY IN IT?  If that wasn’t enough to bother you, you can see your profits getting smaller with each passing month.  Holy Mackerel, how did you get in that position?



These are actual case histories of some of the people who came to me for help.  In almost any scenario you can think of, bookkeeping is the last thing on their mind.  They were too busy working in their business to work on their business.  Some of the people in these true client stories actually did keep receipts for some stuff but they were thrown in a drawer or box and maybe thrown in with other stuff they classified as important, just waiting for when they would have time to deal with it.



When would that be?



Every year at tax time they give their CPA, tax person, Enrolled Agent, whomever, a box of receipts; several large grocery bags of papers and receipts; a suitcase full of stuff; you know, that thing you’ve probably heard about called the “proverbial shoe box?”  And then wondered why they had to pay so much for that persons help with “simple” tax preparation. 



So now I suppose you are asking yourself just what that had to do with the 16 Ways I talked about.  Well, I wanted you to know for starters that you are not alone.  There are others out there struggling just like you.


However, that no longer has to be the case if you take the time to follow these 16 Ways and get to following them right away. 

But one more small detour before we get started.


I refer to QuickBooks Pro® throughout this text since that is the software that I use and teach and the one that accomplishes the tasks I mention very easily.  However, all of this information might possibly apply to other accounting software applications.  If you use something other that QuickBooks Pro®, check to see that you can do all of the things I’m outlining for you here, right inside that software.  You don’t want to have to duplicate information for use with one or more outside software programs.  That is just wasted time, energy and money! 


BY THE WAY – I do not get any compensation from Intuit or QuickBooks® for my recommendation.  I just think it is the lowest cost product out there for a start up company that accomplishes a lot of tasks for a reasonable price.


Here is how I have accomplished it again and again.  And because I have already done it, I know these processes will work for you too.  It does take some thought and set up effort on your part, but what doesn’t?  Once it’s done, you can do your accounting in very little time with more time for faster and fine tuned marketing with better sales and customer service overall.  And, bottom line, because you are getting your activities done faster, you have more time for yourself.  What a concept.


So, now what would you say if someone could show you a way, make that 16 Ways, to…..

        Do Easy, No Cost Marketing,
        Get your Invoices out Faster and Less Expensively
        Get Paid Faster,
        Stay on top of your Expenses Easier, and Faster,  
        Figure out where you are making your money from,
        Figure out where you are loosing money.
        Do the process of Bookkeeping Easier,
        and so much more, 

Know whether you are making any money at this passion, you call a job. 

Moreover, do it all in probably less time per day than you think?








Let’s begin a more in-depth study of The 16 WAYs to Running a Smarter and More Profitable Business.  Along the way you will see puzzle pieces.  Businesses are made up of a lot of various puzzle pieces that need to fit together in order for a business to succeed.  Watch as we build on some important aspects of that Business Puzzle.  Order your full copy today.

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