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              Alice Fields attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and has since worked in many diverse industries, including several Fortune 500 Companies.  I even worked a 3 ½ month stint on a luxury cruise ship sailing the Caribbean.  I’m a self proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades and a master of most.

I developed a passion for teaching about 20 years ago when I started teaching tax classes in conjunction with the introduction of computers for a major
Fortune 500 Company and realized what a joy it is helping others grasp new concepts.  Having established my own business in 1994, my activities include teaching public seminars in QuickBooks for Introductory and Advanced students as well as several niche markets like Non-Profit, Legal, Medical and Construction.  As a small business bookkeeper I handled all the tasks of the in-house bookkeeper but off site and at a fraction of the cost.  I have extended my teaching to cover not only QuickBooks Pro seminars, but word processing, Excel, PowerPoint, and computer uses such as the internet and e-mail, some sales and marketing techniques and aspects of tax, as well.  I am a true information junkie and because of my diverse background can relate to almost every situation.

I am currently working on a new project.  I want to help new entrepreneurs learn the basic skills they need to be a success.  Just knowing how to do the
‘job’ is not enough.  There are many more facets to running a business; Marketing, Banking, Collections, Complaints, Negotiations, proper record keeping, Customer Relations, and Employees to name a few and I’m passionate about everyone succeeding.  

I’m  licensed by the California Tax
Education Council as a tax preparer and was a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor for 5 years.

My offices are located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and  San Mateo, California.  I have clients located all over the United States and parts of Europe.  You
may reach me by calling 970-372-0412; by e-mail at;  or by faxing to 650-356-1041. 

My firm was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to you ---businesses and individuals alike.  Primary services include QuickBooks training,
business consulting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. I also offer a host of specialty services to cater to unique needs. Serving a wide range of individuals, corporations, partnerships, and non-profit organizations, I work hard to be an expert in the business issues and tax laws that impact my

I offer the benefits of years of experience gained from previous positions. My company is an equal opportunity employer and is a member in good standing with multiple professional organizations.

The sole purpose for my being  in business is with a single principle in mind: to provide the highest level of personalized client service possible. Simply put, I care about each and every one of my many diverse clients. 


Alice Fields & Associates
7 West 41st Avenue, #407
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